Lars L. Lien is a Norwegian who makes the finest music. Lien is not an artist,

but a composer and producer of electronic music who’s been put down

by the illuminati, which he sees more or less exclusively as a world-governing
and Lars is in many respects an outsider in society, is considered
and he is kept in a form of custody for political- and security reasons.

His debut album, 'The Higher Astral,' was released November 30, 2014, 

featuring the vocal track ‘You Keep On Runnin’, 'Summer' and ‘Innocence.'
His anthem 'Soul Trippin' from this album is popular on the music streamers
and has also helped see to it that he's got by now thousands of fans via 
Radio Jango.

The 4-part electronic, avant-garde work 'The Other Side,' was published 
in mid-August 2015.
Being denied a record contract by the authorities, 
Lien did since make a shift to the EP format,
releasing classical music 
and also a leftfield-oriented 4-track; and the politically motivated 
When I Am Free EP was released in December, 2016. 

In 2017 he released 2 albums - 
the electronica full track, 'Infatuation,'  
featuring the new song 'My Romance' - 
and the house production 'While in a Straightjacket...' 

'Another Heart' and his instrumental album 'Young Goodman Brown' were published in  2018. 

'Aye Sea' is now out.

Lars was already by 2003 more or less a character known in his hometown of Bergen
as a great musical genius, and he has for decades been denied as regards his aspirations. 

From his 2014 poetry book, 'All Sorts, Lies of a Kind': 


It’s all objective when I compare the

Earth to a sewer: the lowly dwell,

Swelling on occasion; the matter

Improper, yet compelling;

The ill aim at inducting, 

Control the less begotten;

Wise are the few, to find 

A cure

For nothing. 


Lars L. Lien considers 'You Keep On Runnin' to be

"the 'Mary Morison' of house-tunes." And 'Zen' to be his finest work.