Lien's studio is strictly hardware-based, making
use of a vast array of synthesizers - amongst them -
two classic Korg and two Kawai models (K3m & K5000s),
two Sequential Circuits vintage synths, the A3000 and ASR 10 sampler,
4 compressors based on different technology and applied to different ends;
and the latest addition to his studio, and now placed among his Roland Junos,
is the JP-08, which is very close to the original in most respects -
a great, little synth.


Lars is yet also the fortunate owner of the very fine Elka EK22, Mario Maggi's best designed synthesizer,
with the most liquid, sublime chorus and filter of any synth (and, mind you..., the Jomox Airbase 99
rack module, which is partly analogue) and he can't get enough of it.