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The Sun

by Lars L. Lien

'The Sun' is an historically important EP.
'Ethereality' must be considered Lien's finest work.
By the release of ‘The Sun,’ Lien should be rightly considered one of the finest composers and ‘the most greatest musical genius.’ ‘Ethereality’ is a modern breaks work made when he was 26 – and it’s dedicated to the now defunct ‘Ensoniq’ corporation and their TS workstation model.

‘Himalaya’ is baroque and one of his earliest compositions. The minimalist piece, ‘Viktoriia’s subliminal cuts,’ is a work that approaches the ideal and qualities of the tape recorder which was the standard among producers and composers of the former generation. ‘The Sun’ is an abstraction Drum’n’bass work that rounds out what must be considered an historically important 4 track release.





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