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The Other Side

by Lars L. Lien

Released 2015
Released 2015
With ‘The Other Side,’ Lars L. Lien seeks to establish himself as an avant-garde composer of electronic art music in possession of an unparalleled level of skill and musicality. This is Lien's strike back against illuminati's ministry.
By the release of ‘The Other Side,’ where he experiments with principles of atonality and cacophony, and contemporary art forms deriving from impressionism, Lars L. Lien’s production is such that he must be considered an important composer despite adhering to Common Time, his pieces being decidedly electronic and drums/ beats being an integral part of his music.

‘The Other Side’ must be considered one of the most important works of art of the 21st century; and with the initial composition - sacral, monumental, sublime, ecstatic and profoundly frightening - the aim is to make the illuminati realize that their disenchantment, exactingness, and private, false studies of archetypes - and their exploitation of, and the institutionalization and political control with the systems of the most advanced souls in Western society - will lead to a fall, and that hell and separation is very real and a personal inevitability. 'The Other Side' is a masterly work; the main objective and motivation is the ultimate fall of the luciferian world order. ‘Purgatory’ depicts conflicting, terror and existential angst; the main part is written in C Minor with a lowered second. The compelling, strange impressionist pieces, ‘Negs,’ and ‘The Beyond,’ are also meant to induce fear.

‘Kali Durga’ is a modernist work of some magnitude, loosely inspired by ‘Rite of Spring,’ and written in an hitherto unknown scale. ‘Love Will Follow,’ owes to musique concrète portraying longing and life beyond and it shows Lien's familiarity with the chillwave genre.' ‘Dawn,’ previously released as the final track on ‘The Higher Astral,’ is a masterpiece and draws from Eastern and Norwegian folk music. The emanative ‘The Sphere as Opposed to Circles’ and ‘Godhood,’ influenced by MLO productions’ ‘IO’ and ‘See You’ by Virtual Symmetry, is at the same time emphatic and peaceful presenting life in a higher realm.





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