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The Higher Astral

Released Nov 2014
Released Nov 2014
Lars L. Lien's debut album spans work within the genres of house, electronica, ambient and D'n'B. The vocal house track 'You Keep On Runnin' is a world renowned song.
'The Higher Astral' is Lien's debut, released on the 30th of November 2014. The title track must be considered one of the greatest works of electronic music, and a classic within the ambient genre, while Lars L. Lien considers 'Zen' to be his finest work. 'Beauty' and 'Innocence' are also strikingly fine works, and tunes which fall within the new old school/ breaks/ electronica genres. The various motifs that make out the piece 'Innocence,' which is characteristic for its use of baroque melodics, was made when he was 18. 'Soul Trippin', 'Summer' and 'You Keep On Runnin' are treasured house classics.





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