Saturn's Voice in the Woods

by Lars L. Lien

Released August 2016
Released August 2016
'Saturn's Voice in the Woods' reveals L. L. Lien's affinity for classical compositional styles. 'Again there's thirst (and how she finds him)' is the finest of quintet works.
'Saturn's Voice' is a rework of a theme originally made for piano in 1994 and written for a large ensemble consisting of oboes, violins/ strings, horn and cello. 'Again There's Thirst (And How She Finds Him)' is a virtual quintet work written for french horns, cello, and oboes; and 'L'angoisse de la Femme Sublime' is written and recorded as a virtual quartet consisting of trombones, viola and cello. 'In the Woods (vhatn-aa)' is a masterpiece synthesizer and sampler-generated whole tone work, where the descending and ascending of the scale, the motifs, is a precarious issue and the keynote essential; it must be considered as one of Lien's finest compositions - and Lien considers himself a greater composer than the now late modernist Arne Nordheim.
The fundamental originality underlying his own finest works and the rather, at times, obvious artifice of Nordheims', is in evidence.