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Monsoon & My Survival

Released June 2016
Released June 2016
'Monsoon & My Survival' is Lien's first EP; 'My Survival' and 'Lost it,' like the works, 'Perfection,' 'The Witch,' and 'The Wave Song,' shows Lien's diverse political-oriented, ingenious talent and adaptability as a vocal performer.
‘Monsoon & My survival EP’ is Lars L. Lien’s third release, and falls within the leftfield genre; it sees some influence from the 90ies acts Leftfield and Orbital. 'My Survival' is a jazz-influenced, leftfield d'n'b-tune featuring his own vocals, and contrasting the coarse, unfashioned vocal performance on the dubby, percussive 'Lost it.' 'Drowning Again' is an early work. ‘Monsoon’ is an ambient masterpiece of the same standard as ‘The Higher Astral,' 'Zen,' and ‘The Sphere as Opposed to Circles.’





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