Lien, in with the well-to-doers...? as regards gear...

Is Lien's new website designed by himsel' or let-ty-man? All himself, from now on?? That's crazy-stuff

I previously had the Jupe 6 all up and working, the D-50 and D-110, the roland planet thing with the PG-200, The 1979 Promars (a phat mono), the SH-2, and The Kawai K4, also the rack version... as for samplers I've owned two lofi-models, the S-950 and EPS Classic ((both replaced by the ASR 10)) 
it all had to go. I sampled the hell out of the J6, however - Now the JUNO2 and SQ80, the Ensoniq masterpiece with ** filters, and in someways the Korg W.station is not behaving as normal, they're defunct only a little but need refurbishing, battery changes, etc. My Korg DS 8, my only FM synth (which does the keys on 'Microcosm') is, unfortunately, beyond repair...

Does his two centralized pieces of well-to-to gear - as de-pic-t'ed - make him the the geekster - or (still) - the godster..??

For anyone out to make interesting electronic music, I would highly recommend building a system - a perfect solution! - around one of the following pieces of digital gear, The machinedrum MKII from Electr. (and) or the Prodyssey hardware desktop (or the rather expensive but great German system) as originally designed by Creamware, or go with fruity loops and make sure to include
the U-He Ace plug-in synthesizer (the Ace is absolutely the best for almost anything). Word!


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