A little 'know how' from the Chessiah..!!?

As far as the spoken word-ish things that was on this post before, I will ask you to forgive this nonsense.
I have now managed, however, to make a draw result vs Arasan 21.1 with the white pieces, in the opening
1. Nf3 Nf6  2 c4 e6... I structure like the devil now and - as you know - Lien tells all!?!

As for Thoresen, know it, they manipulate results by Komodo 12 playing the hopeless Grob attack,
and the such. In short, openings are a cause of manipulation in these matches. What more?
ShashChess 5.0 is the most powerful chess engine.
But it is true that the new Stockfish 10 is not left in bits and pieces on my home computer system, neither... 

If you know it, tell!

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