A little 'know how' from the Chessiah..!!?

The latest - Arasan 20 has now been unleashed on the world and it's as unreal as Puri instant mix and if you can get a hold of the chess engine MishasSwooper06 you're in for higher power intelligence. Combined, these are, like... the full 16 chess men!! Dangerous opponents are Stockfish 8 and Rybka 4, the 'secrets' of 'middle east' Houdini - and - Fire! (and, of course, Strelka 6...)

Andscacs and Chiron structures very intelligently and very advanced, respectively. Komodo now is the most dangerous of all, has this dangerous intelligence that can't be challenged except for by such a program as Arasan 20... These 2 final programs are the only engines the level 1.7 semi-diviner Lien can't handle and keep at bay 40+ moves and most mentionable is the the issue that he must pick the Houdini and Fire five systems apart from move 1 if not to be taken care of. Fact!

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