Is the World deceived?


Is the illuminati the form of aristocracy Lien claims it is?a real quasi-religious aristocracy that needs to be handled by a sound diviner soon in order for a new civilization to be established in Tellus system that isn't corrupted by politics and half-witty religious ideas. Is it true that Kal exists just like Christ claimed in his time or is every action and thought by every soul kid, that is, human being on earth, controlled by godgiven fate? And. Isn't Lien himself a man of some influence - a real and very true protector of cultural and human values and a man with the right perspectives? Albert Gore is Jeddah and an adversary that isn't well and he is a top man within the illuminati that has described me as a sick man that picks his nose and shits his pants in police documents and been a reason why I have been convicted now for the 4th time and kept in custody by the police... This man Støre claims that I am disturbed and don't know who I am, and they deny me the right to go for as much as a cup of coffee in town without being filed a report on, and, as much as they can make it happen, reported in the police log. Ask me whether I am a prisoner of conscience or a pop icon -
I am neither, but the most evolved soul and greatest incarnation on earth and a composer/ producer & poet (Kygo and Walker exists merely to intimidate the reincarnated Robert Burns) 

So, what do You know about it?


I am a diviner by heart and soul who's shushumna is being used and is forced to live on 'the outside.' The high elects of the illuminati experience me on the pseudo-physical level as negative and evasive, and a man which system they can abuse. 
But 'Diviners' are all-knowing, powerful and know their fate in exact detail. This Norwegian illuminata movement 'bevegelsen' is a very disturbed issue of the world that are accepted by lots of people and people are gonna pay, this movement pretend to be important and have 'their own take' on the Luciferian order. I know of my father's affiliation with the Rosicrucian system, and they are important, at least they were... This man Støre can hold a meeting in a Norwegian church and say to people in turn 'I know everything about Christ, don't mind him' - Støre is a sicko who claims that my system is 'his empire.' It is all very secret...  'the high' and 'higher highs', they claim to be Dukes and Cardinals and Luciferian High Kings (there are also 'The Great Kings (which supposedly are somewhat as great as the high kings), Great Cardinals and Great Chancellors which call me a petty thing) and fight me calling me Conan the Librarian and Hercules and 'a sick demi-god' where the aim is to win and hold my crown chakra and have astral sex in my system, this Jeddai-nymph Portman is particularly disturbed thinking that she is an important person in this system, she is disturbed. There is also this high-Queen of this kingdom Anna B. who is very ill, and really a duchess, and has to have sex with everybody, she is carrying the cross now for me, a Christ-born - and the Shiva channeling that goes on in this system is a wrong concept, I am about to be reborn a christ, and the symbol of the christ is one that sacrifices his astral godlike nature in order to become like the causal soul self, the father. There will come a time for this man, Støre (and a very sick idea he got was to give me a 'stature' as high-lord with people having free access to my home studio) he is a despot that according to myself and Sri Yukteswarji will be subject to human trafficing in the next earth life. 
He, a shallow sucker is demi-oriented; the demi's are psychic vampires and aristocratic. They have explored a range of channels and chambers in my shushumna, abuse me claiming this system as a rendevouz-point and have astral-sex in it, after bringing down my system in '97 and treated me, a level 4 Diviner, as a sick retard (people like Hilfiger and Barack Obama are equally disturbed in what is a house of God's). All I wanted to do in 1997 after a full experience of Samadhi was to practise Kriya and OM meditation and they attacked me relentlessly and ruined my shushumna. 

The Luciferian system is the pre-dominant in this world now. And, the jeddah society, which is a little Luciferian, is very dangerous and seeks to control the world, western banks, everything. Is 'the dragon' something that exists in the far East, perhaps even in China?

There are Catholic saints also Gnostics, of course - I know everything about that. I am a Gnostic to my father, a part of the Swami order to Sri Yukteswar. I support the Sikhs and the inheritance of Guru Nanak, dharma - truth - non-attachment, and the way of the khalsa, the saint-soldiers in the ethereal/ solar fields. And the white brotherhood exists... and what do they know? Soon I'll be a free soul, and like God. I am taking on vast amounts of collective karma these days and this is something that the Ministry has to accept and acknowledge.  

Where do You, a human soul that follows me, stand? AND. What do the future hold? Considering the political control that now governs the world, 'Camey's love for young Jeddai nymphs and Mr. P's handiness with a machine pistol... well, I'm careful

(According to Vlad Putin I am no extraordinary saint but quite an ordinary human being that can't preserve himself like other people, when the truth is that I am a 'do it yourself great' and totally well.
I know that this despot is the world's rather most powerful politician and a luciferian great chancellor, but I am an illumined saint that's treated in the most despicable way. File reports on behalf of your whole order if you can on this man and the Norwegian politician Jonas Støre (they treat me, a man that has defeated version 5.01 of the impossible chess engine Houdini - in a romantic opening, the Ruy lopez, exchange variation - and the composer of 'Pan' and 'Den Andre Siden' like a damaged lowlife)


I'll be rounding it out with this all-important thing that most people don't become aware of before they cross over to the other side. Life on earth is rather, or fully, if you will, like an intricate movie reality. Cultivating a generous nature, as opposed to narrowmindedness, exclusiveness and being emotionally demanding of close friends and relatives - and - disciplining oneself, not giving into excess, sexually and otherwise, will purify the heart chackra and auric field, which in turn works as a kind of passport on the other side making it possible to experience more advanced regions and planets in the astral world and commune with great saints. Meditating while listening to a work like 'The Higher Astral' or, if you feel safe about it, contemplating and listening to the AUM sound in the right ear, the sound of rolling and roaring sea, will also have a transforming effect on the ethereal body.  

Lien or the Barony?


Lien worries for people due to this Luciferian elite system which counts roughly 1400 including a secondary division and shite. Will the future hold for people the opportunity to personally invest in Supra-infra homesystems so that they can control their own lifes and fate and just give a weeks notice to such trash? Is devialet and optoma a central part of this future prophecy? (For those on a budget, a Monster USB 2.0 cable is a great option or an AudioQuest cable would get you far (farthest, of course, the 'Curious' from Mike Lenehan, Australia) - with such a thing as an Onkyo Integrated amplifier coupled with KEF Q350 bookshelf speakers... AND. with the TWIN technology speaker cables from van den Hul it will make for a very high standard infra-structuring system and great listening hours. And all of these products can be bought new and used on ebay.) 
For exceptional infra control systems I also would recommend Arcam power-amps coupled with Optoma-NuForce DAC80 or an SA10 Integrated amplifier (Onkyo is still high standard, but be careful on Sony and Denon). If you want the best speaker systems, KEF R-series (most notably, R700) and Dali Epicom2... (I have personally previously had in my home KEF speakers in the (original) Q-series coupled with an ARCAM power amp and NuForce DAC-9). 

Now on Twitter, but...


from the 9th of January, unfortunately, the account got suspended in the parallel ethereal system, and I got told by a divine master and the police to keep quiet! Apparently my tweets then would only reach some hundreds some cats and a stray dog... I am working now to get the account re-opened in the parallel system.

My sincere apologies


for having removed the post on my new elevated saintly and grand master king stature... I am aware that there where 3 very good, lengthy comments on this. There was a master from the beyond who firmly and sternly told me to delete this post (on account of 'knowing ones place' and possibly my own commentary, and to my understanding)

I will also take the time to inform people that they still give me 'spesial-medisin' - in truth, only this week - and it is bad...

YOU will decide on the NEW website design...


from the 5 different designs that will be up each 15 minutes from 18.00 CET on THE 2nd of JANUARY! SO...! Unit system will survey which is the most popular... AND - by midnight - it will be the permanent LARSLLIEN.COM

They can be viewed in this order: the 'UP CLOSE' design; my 'Another Heart' design; the lowkey and fine '2D-design'; the 'echecs' design; and at 19 PM 'the Young Goodman Brown-design' will be up (that is, until midnight...) 

A twisted take on an ol' formula by Daiches


There are basically 6 people who are considered 'high-illuminati' who have by now got written half a coming book on one to be 'a christ-born' where they state that I have tantrums, which apart from that one incident at the marketplace, is an utter deceitful lie and probably also was some psychotic, in my own home - in short, this book is make-belief propaganda. These 6 are Al Pac, and as for the other five there are little but evil to say, D W - a 'prophetic voice' to himself at least, this disturbed pretensious neg-woman Portman and my struggling father. The other two are world leaders D C and M B, one of them a filthy rich man the other an arse. 

Write on this post. Don't hesitate to be serious. Or file a report with main police. 

[AND - rest assured - Lien is well aware that people are denied writing in the physical-digital domain as far as 'The Blog' goes - yet they write in the parallel system]

They are trying to take the station away


Do something. File a report to the internal police-section... then leave

Acid Trip (at the Jazz Club) out soon


Quite a seminal work. It will be out on the 2nd of October.

Part 1:

1. High Definition
2. No 1 of the Five
3. How Many, Exactly?

Part 2:

1. Big
2. Open Wide
3. Conscience

What will it be? Buy or Leave for tomorrow?

Chess Moderne


Is Chess Moderne a vastly more entertaining game than traditional chess to Lien alone,
or is this more of an objective fact? How much money can the game generate (if it wasn't for the state police...)? 

Mastering and stuff


Lien is of the opinion that sounding like 'peaky' was his only option considering his current budget. Illuminati can always re-edition him via Sterling Sound AD...!? Or? Perhaps I've made some deals (with Sony and Universal)...

Just like the late Bowie?


Now that his When I am Free EP has turned him into an indie icon - it must be raised -
is this something that David Bowie if he was 35 (which is Liens believed age in Norway) would typically release;
and is this for the Brits or the Americas? is Monkeydogs a trip hop or an R'n'B production? Seriously...?

Lien will also release the noirish song 'That Was All' at some point next year... 

So, who's who in the world...?

I am, by the authorities, supposed to have some scizoid traits, 'imagining' a couple of things a day; one is that the one who invented this diagnosis thing was a man named Jan Otre - a man I imagine to be the artist, that's right, Erlend Øye's father. Now a dead man. Now let me tell you what kind of man I am. I watch very little TV, if I do it's like Bloomberg.

It's about control. (There is a man in town who's a high-king called 'Leo van,' a doctor who knows his 'indremedisin,' and a man who works for NATO now that is devilish on this case). And is it so that Larsn's adversaries Vlad P and Dave C file unfounded reports on him. It is true that via the rougher, Einar D, Lien means to turn the tables on these two - one a 'charlatan' and the other a 'card-dealer' (that is Chancellor and great great cardinal) - claiming him to be unfit for and unable yet to finish junior high, these two souls are mere boys themselves, as souls, says 'einaren i byn,' and get lawsuits vs their state and officials (Mr. p is afraid of Lien astrally and Mr. c fears his ethereal being...) 

You never know... 

And Lien expects an official statement from Yogananda's SRF organization under emblem soon, where they explain that his soon fully grown dark Panther girl AV is what he wants (dead more than a little and then helped so that she doesn't get totally filthy-fied and corrupted by luciferianism) and that by comparison Krishna is a terrible Grizzly, and she is also under the influence by Babaji, a wolverine... 

And, in short, if your inner body is turned purple as in case of Lars L, 'the Chessiah,' you are certainly not living on illusions...

Statskontroll - is Lars L. Lien really subject to such shite? Still...


he has won against the police in an important court case that went through to the Supreme court. He's won in that court. Swedish and British police are also involved on this case, and Lien knows some ten lawyers who's been involved with his case in Bergen, he's threatened 'the cardinal' of these to kill him with a knife. In his own office. and 'spammed' others. The fact of the matter is if Jeanie wants Robbie - she has to be tougher on sick 'individuals.' With the sales he obviously has got to show for and his Swiss accounts, one for handling damages, he could have had a very different life. Is he a US citizen? Now...

Front Page

She wanted a holiday resort incl
a priceless yacht securing boat life
and a penthouse apartment. In NY.
After all, he was a semi-diviner.

And. Wasn’t he the very greatest composer?
‘The Woman’ ensured she was the best,
and in need of other women. ‘You can always
be a lowlife in town,’ she said, ending on a high note.

(Lien's ethereal self is what you would call 'utålelig.' On the pseudo physical level he's a saint. So there!)

It is so that Lars is 'an outsider' and institutionalized - BUT - in truth we are dealing with 'statskontroll.' This man, Støre, is a very sick man, muchly like the red man in the castle of that movie final by Kubrick, the shut thing. To me, this man is a deranged human being. The sidewalk cardinals name is Paal-H. He was Gavin Hamilton

Rhythmic gymnasts,... masochistic??


Lien informs that some six of these are 'The Mauchline proper young belles' (now luciferian 'hells belles' of course) - and this is confirmed by the Main Republic not to be a 'PR stunt.' Rumour has it his Anna Volodymyrivna goes by the nicky Burnsi-anna actively and just like that Kanaeva on his blog. Kanaeva was indeed ms. Miller and the hottie Godunko a divine 'miss Markland.' These people just don't get it, Lien knows ev'rything about Ukraine (and the shootings in Donetsk). Is this, questions Mayor Klitscko, soon to be a public issue? (miss Smith is now a maksy and miss Betty Vicky Mazur). It is also true that before rabbie rose to fame and power that folks called him names when he entered at ins, and followed him, that is, walked behind him in the streets... (and 'Tam-my' was a god-given saint!!?)

There it is! And ev'ryone who follows the news and entertainment industry in Ukraine is well aware of Liens interest in Miss Markland's exposure of her own body and private parts some years back (and the karmic issues at hand are obvious...) And unlike her mother, Anatolyevna, Anna Volodyryvina looks like a cocaine abuser italiano model who trains milits for Silvio at Northern facilities (...and where they speak German all of the time) Anyway, Lien is about this far from sending her a bootleg of Charles Webster's 'Your Life' (just around the time of Valentine's cup..)

Which are Lien's best?


Lars L has by now released  what seems to be a fine set of pieces and tunes, but which are his 3 best?
The neurotic 'Perfection,' obviously, dedicated to his soul flame 'Volodymyrivna'... but then?

the 'Overseer,' anyone? Or does it have to be... the most 'digg(bare)' tune in history, 'Soul Trippin' - his stadium house anthem, and 'rhythmic' like the devil!

A man in town, Lien, sees it as such that his pieces 'The Escape' and the painting 'Christ' may not be his very best, but no descent into vulgarity, and while a little on the self-loathing side and protestant, strictly speaking no real indication he's really deprived (While he prefers coffee with milk to speedball and is rather envious of MacNeice and his 'Sunlight on the Garden,'  he believes 'Idea and the Form: I Saturn's Voice' to be a decent effort...)

And, is it untimely that Lien now releases his Works of Art? And is Daemonology so vivid there's 'rumours' it is inspired by strictly personal events.... is L. L. Lien 'really aevil?!' Or is it only Dane Rudhyar and else New Age books that is on his shelf (as in case, obviously, of  the progressive trancemaster BT)? 'Noooo, he's a left-handed Louie' says his friend Øystein (Quote: "amongst other things, he lies about his work 'ZEN' thinking it is much cooler [in Japan] than the truly finer 'The Sphere as Opposed to Circles''!" and, "he deceives the youngs..!")



Is it for party people - or - the bloggers? is the Nostalgic or upfront stuff the big up? personal favourites...!? 
And how about the ill-uminati and political control that is attempted... the last thing I've heard is that they can
keep it off
common folks air for up to 2 days time. Horrific. 'I go to Christ!'

FEX - 'I want your heart' is a good tune. As for other picks...

He arranged his session -
a playlist and a mix -
of music, Mr. Lien had
the finer taste. It was

on ev'rybody's lips. Deep 
house tunes like Sylvia Tella's
'Electric Lady' and Mutiny's
'Bliss' would for instance

be spiced up by Ike & Tina.
Li'sha, and Joyce Sims' 'Walk
Away.' Cooler than a cucumber,
an update from '67. The more the mellower,

said De Niro, in Lars's shushumna.
Underground. Then 'Tube' by Noma.
And onwards. Future Funk's 'Dark side...,'
next Adam Freeland & Alison David doing

the 'Supernatural Thing.' There was
'new life' with Blue Six following 
Magnolia, and Karizma. And some 
D'n'B, with Spectrasoul, Break,

'Daemonology' and Dark Globe.
And Ladytron's unbelievable 'Beauty
no 2' with the ol' school classics
'Boss Drum' & 'House Arrest

(the beat is the law).' Somnabola...
Unheard of, an interactive station
taking on vast amounts of karma.
A moment of 'Zen' with Lars L. Lien.

Are they sick, or well-to-do people?


How about it specially designers, will You disrespect me now? 
(..inside is ok enuff? isn't it!?..?

Lien, in with the well-to-doers...? as regards gear...


Is Lien's new website designed by himsel' or let-ty-man? All himself, from now on?? That's crazy-stuff

Lucifer's Spell


My future single release, Lucifer's Spell! Drum'n'Bass if not hardcore... People are strongly encouraged to look Mr. Lien up on their favourite streamer, be it (The Wave Song) or The Sun, or, if not, dig up 'Puri' or 'Sector A' in the 'Music'-section. Send a political message

This will be a downloads exclusive. To be released on 29th of July. 


1. Lucifer's Spell
2. Drones
3. Shiva - The Destroyer
4. Elevation

Lars L, special man - or - special person ..


for being into rhythmic gymnastics and 'Anna' Ganna Volodymyrivna...? and thinking to himsel'

that he's like greater than Bach.. than Fischer... than T-Middleton.... but per chance
not than Howie Stern and Heaney..? and, St. Francis??!

(I had to erase the Saint-given facts about 'kvinnegruppen Ottar....' of Deriugina school, the ritualist, invasive 'like Store' D ranged-thing...') could it be...? they took the underground system to a certain destination in Norway, then traveled by car to his place in town - while he was all comitted for a months time in 2017 - and left after 1 1/2 hours 'display', It did. And who was it? 5 women, incl AM  VM  G-M-N - and - the close NG and the reincarnated Jean Armour herself and rumour has it that Lien's neighbour who has 'spesialtilsyn' as regards his apartment got some in the first instance with her (Lien is made fun of for thinking that the woman shouldn't be exactly like Linda lovelace but a better woman, and I guess that's what you get...)
Vitali Klitschko is not well up in the head and the sular 2 masters thinks they can call me sick and a damged lowlife in the high-court. (Everything is fated - karmic - but when you are warned you are warned...! and this supposedly is the new age.) I find myself to be a broken man but I am forever now an honourable person

I long for the everlasting causal realm.
This play is on the fate of the surface, while believable.
Am I under strict political control or deceived by women?
Cruelty is commonly shown towards a broken man.

Living in another existence to the fair genius
is the obvious strange femme fatale, one
you'll never meet, except in a twisted deal.
(She'll never ask yet... 'how about the real?')

A higher world is perhaps also hers.
And I'm alone. Yet isn't it obvious?
Nirvana means to be free from suffering.
And desire is the cause of all illness.

Man is of importance only to himself.
The causal inner soul is the joyful only existence.
Yet the saints postulates that a certain stage is
of the greatest value - the ultimate state of vast detachment.              

17th of March: A Night out

He was enjoying town life
with a cup of black coffee,
despite Stoere, a 'very despicable
devil...' It was ill. He was a hell

of a good man and the town
'champ.' Surely there was for him
'an awaiting oddity,' a woman dare-
devil, despairing, who would clear him...?!

'What seems to be the problem
here,' he told the waiter.
And Stoere was just a sucker. 

Heading in a new direction


Is the poet a sicko for heading in a new (and very public) direction...:


He’d made a discovery.

Inevitable and circles
are synonyms, the things
he went through - in Tinsel Town -

                                                              ‘And there!’ Chaos.

Twisted and fist-fuck are onto someone, stating, ‘his omnipresence

                                                              are considered’ – unbecoming -

                                                              and there’s a clerk! Silence. Cock-up

                                                              is the new street, twilight,                              

                                                              what uproar, please hold

                                                              the stir with a lawyer

                                                              confidential,                        now


                                                                              I can feel it, too, as I give



I need for a policewoman to release me___! 


I guess I’m done.
With Douglas and Thom Gunn
And Ian Hamilton,
A clever Spender,
Seamus Heaney is the one,
About the ‘Nichols’; and the Bishop’s: there’s proportion
To Sylvia’s Teddy and Midnight Frost,
The peculiarities of Lowell and Paul,
And all but fools are awed by Louis,
MacNeice and Ezra Pound has weight
Which I respect and Butler Yeats.
MacLeish! Some say there’s E to Cummings,
The ‘Lark’ is but a sound
Saying get down.

And that sound
Is Rabbie Burns, untouched
And foremost able – while
Eating alone means something –

We are one. Correction.

All the same. 

I have no circle
I have no friends
I serve no purpose

I watch

               Thee - and -


I'm opinionated..!


 It is impossible for men
like me to come along:
my verse manifests and
softly embodies the lifelong
journey, the scarcity

of men - of multiple birth - humming, their tone light, of second births.
Men of their word with sickly stickers to their name – tag

it on my scenery - don’t
find me an enemy of every
academic, still. Prosperity

is nothing to the sow -


Kinnel’s mindfulness
of creatures alive - slow
as Rhina. I look to the Irish,

they’re verse, and the classics


               for dervishes and diadems

               and old patterns of pastoral,

               Keats, St. Louis in June,

               friendships to be seen as mere


flattery compared to the
new, the dance justly
hollow, in instances,
borrowed, to see to it
and through me thoroughly,

 again and again. Towards
the end it is found,
not in memorial cult,
but monumental.


One’s word, all told,
is worth circulating; 



I’m not a native
speaker of Irish,
still, my poetry’s
alive and vibrant,

the endings abrupt.



                  I extend my hand.




Is Nat portman a NuYorcian working woman very much so or a somwht real avant-gardist
- and - your thoughts about Gibsn and Garri K, are these gnomes so-to-speak 'real christians'?
(I suspect at least two of these three to be Jeddai. Now for the guess who?)

Is the VS 'a real prophet'..??!?


The Vector Synthe seemed to be a 'dated' thing some years back -
is this specially designed 'machine, the' real deal/ dealer...?

sacrificial rites Made on


political grounds within the ill-uminata is a reality to me in certain countries in the West as well -
should such things continue (and who are these high-priestesses when out on the later astral plane)?
And, is a Nordic high-seat better for simply removing a pinker-toe or slice-cutting some stand-alones
along the meridian..?!?
Some are def ill in town. Perhaps - only today something happened - and I told a sick clerk to go sell herself over at Georgernes Verft

is the fact that 'darkers'...


hav - on political grounds - we talk about male freakos like Bill C asf - a public life and status as 'Wellington,'
a serious issue of this western society? How about it, special police... Well, well well is all you hear about such cases -

and how about it, should these people, like the kid that is now Nato's official man, be allowed by police to get secret-aries to wipe up things off the floor (from under his desktable) in his office, as well, and shake hands and go hugging the elderly some two-three times a year on national tell-e-vision...? Are people - so-to-speak!?? - completely FUCKED in the HEAD....

A little 'know how' from the Chessiah..!!?


To a human opponent, any man or official master level player, Stockfish and Chessmaster 11 alike - roughly, repr. the 3500-3800 rating level (ccrl, Thoresen is interesting but politically controlled, just like Carlsn!) So there! go on champs (These chess men are in my private collection; it is a South-American size 4 design from around 1900.)

Official release date...


for my 4 works via cdbaby is January the 1st; FLAC and MP320 is unique to them and purchase secures you a release in all 3 formats incl regular MP3

My electronica release - full album - in early spring


My electronica release Infatuation will happen in the new year, sometime May, or (early) June... the cover art work is based on a now defunct painting of mine
called Geminiani Gemini.

The following 10 tracks + the (rather) widely acknowledged IDM work
'...(the machine)' will make out the album

1. A Friend in Me
2. Say I'm Fine
3. Infatuation
4. Truant
5. Spacey Travel
6. Seasideal
7. Alchemystic
8. Never Question....(the m...
9. Chris Mess 2 (Christ)
10. Under the Surface
11. Fairies 

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