Lars L. Lien is the leading light in music and the fine arts - chess, poetry, art paintings - and he is
a world famous producer. 

Lien is the typically detached, reflective sort, which makes him able to endure the social-political brutality under which he lives; the police has kept him in a form of custody for many years and he's been betrayed by officials in court, where outrageous reports have described him as a dangerous 'retard', and ill. At the age of 40, he released the politically motivated,
groundbreaking work, 'The Other Side'; and by mid-2016 he decided to go public with the fact that he has been sacrificed
by political- and spiritual authorities within the illuminati, that he is, in fact, the highest evolved soul
currently incarnated on earth and that this is reflected in his work.

His debut album, The Higher Astral, featuring the house tracks
‘You Keep On Runnin’ and 'Summer,' and the electronica piece ‘Innocence,’
which is characteristic for its use of baroque melodics, was released Nov 30, 2014,
and saw to it that he had a breakthrough on
Jango Radio.

The groundbreaking, 4-part work The Other Side, was released in  2015, and a new 4 track revealing his affinity for classical compositional styles and music, Saturn's Voice in the Woods, on the 9th of August, 2016; and it is noteworthy, Lien resides in Bergen, the same town as the former classical composer,
Edvard Grieg. 

December 2016 saw him release the When I am Free EP, a politically motivated and musically diverse project, featuring the sophisti-pop song, 'The Witch,' and an ambient rock anthem, 'JL Seagull (The Wave Song),' for which The Doors and his distant relative, by marriage, the late Johnny Cash, have been a musical influence. During the month of Oct 2016 it took off on Facebook, after he had published
his now famous result against the Stockfish chess engine, and while he is yet denied interaction by the police system his newly established blog is virtually on fire. 

With the new release Acid Trip (at the Jazz Club) and the politically motivated The Other Side, Lars L. Lien seeks to establish
himself as an avant-garde composer of electronic art music in possession of an unparalleled level of skill and musicality;
the introductory piece, The Other Side, pt.I: Den andre siden, is majestic, thrilling and profoundly frightening. 
‘Kali Durga’ is a modernist work of some magnitude, loosely inspired by Rite of Spring, and written in an hitherto
unknown scale; and 'Dawn,' and the emanative, estranging 'The Sphere as Opposed to Circles,' are fine works. 

Lars L. Lien is also a remarkable poet. From All Sorts, Lies of a Kind (2014) -
"The techniques are timeless; And life it changes thus When the wand is polarized
And expands the mind" 
(excerpt, 'The Kriyavans'). Some of his finest poems can be found on his Google+ website where is also
fronted his unique chess skills and notable advances made with regard to
the science of opening theory.

Lien, full name Lars Lønøy Lien, considers the ambient work 'Zen' to be a masterpiece, and his finest. 
His most famous tunes are 'You Keep On Runnin,''Another Dimension' and 'Sound Abuse,' that by now
are house classics. Illuminata insists he's foremost a house music producer, which he seriously denies
referring to The Other Side and such D'n'B works as 'Civilizations' and 'The Sun,'and his orchestral work, Pan.