Lars L. Lien is a Norwegian who makes the finest music. Lien is not an artist, but a composer
and producer of electronic music 
who’s been put down by the illuminati,
which he sees more or less exclusively as a world-governing aristocracy;

he is tortured ethereally and is kept in a form of custody by the police.

His debut album, 'The Higher Astral,' was released November 30, 2014,
featuring the vocal track 
‘You Keep On Runnin’, 'Summer' and ‘Innocence.'
The 4-part electronic, avant-garde work 'The Other Side,' was released

in mid-August the following year. Being denied a record contract by the authorities,
Lien has since then made a shift to the EP format, releasing classical music
and also
a leftfield-oriented 4-track; and the politically motivated
'When I Am Free' EP was released in december, 2016.

In 2017
he released 2 albums -
the electronica full track, 'Infatuation,'  featuring the new song 'My Romance' -
and the house production
'While in a Straightjacket...' 'Another Heart' (2018) is now out.

Lien has for decades been denied as regards his aspirations and extraordinary 'giftedness.'
From his 2014 poetry book, 'All Sorts, Lies of a Kind':

It’s all objective when I compare the
Earth to a sewer: the lowly dwell,
Swelling on occasion; the matter
Improper, yet compelling;
The ill aim at inducting,
Control the less begotten;
Wise are the few, to find
A cure

For nothing.

Lars L. Lien considers 'You Keep On Runnin' to be
"the 'Mary Morison' of house-tunes." And 'Zen' to be his finest work.